Tame your .env variables

Share your API keys with your team using Envault,
your self-hosted .env management software.

A better way to share your credentials

Sync across your team

Keep your development team up to date with the latest .env updates, instantly. No more sharing through Slack!


Your team can update their credentials without leaving their IDE. An environment sync is just a command away.

Audit log

View a comprehensive log of all changes made to your Envault credentials, and even roll back variables to previous versions.

Update notifications

Keep your team in-the-loop by letting them know straight away when their .env is out of date and needs to be synced.

Simple, no-tricks pricing

Purchase Envault once and run it for your whole team, on all your projects.

Lifetime License

Upon purchase, you will be invited to our private GitHub repository. This is where you will find your Envault server - ready to install.

What's included

  • Your Envault server, ready to install

  • Unlimited usage for your whole team

  • Access to documentation and video guides

  • Support from Envault

Pay once, use it forever

$24 $10 USD

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